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1. Can I fish for carp on KAA waters?


Carp can be fished for at Publow Lake. There are restrictions as to what method can be used, and these are listed below: -

  1. Surface fishing only (with bread, dog biscuits or carp flies)
  2. Rod and line only (no poles)
  3. No keepnets
  4. Unhooking mats must be used
  5. Barbless hooks only (max size 10)
  6. Only monofilament line to be used, no braided lines (minimum braking strain 8lb)

A note of caution regarding the use of bait. Dog biscuits are allowed provided members adopt a minimalist approach to their use. Publow is not a huge lake and cannot take huge quantities of these being fired into the water. Problems occur with the water quality if large amounts of dog biscuits are left to break up on the lake bottom. Please be sensible with their use.

For a full list of rules please download