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20/11/2017 - Bank Clearing

A very big thank you to the members who attended the bank clearing session at Taylor's lake on Friday. A messy job putting the Siltex powder into the lake was ably carried out thanks to the use of Roger Holman's inflatable boat. Fingers crossed that this treatment will have the desired effect, and help to improve the water quality in the lake. The efforts of the bank clearing team are superb and are very much appreciated.

12/10/2017 - Latest Newsletter

The latest newsletter is available from the Downloads page, or can be viewed by clicking here. It is also available on the KAA Facebook page, and a copy has been put into each returns box.

5/10/2017 - Fly Tying sessions

Fly Tying sessions will start on Thursday 2nd November 2017 at the Stanton Drew Village Hall. Sessions will start at 1930. Beginners are most welcome.

4/10/2017 - KAA AGM

The 94th KAA AGM will be at the South Bristol Sports Club on Wednesday 29th November 2017. Start time is 1930. All members are requested to attend.

27/9/2017 - Second Club Competition

Thanks to all of the members who turned up for the second club competition last Sunday. An enjoyable morning was spent at Broad Oak with plenty of banter flowing. The result was: -

  1. Colin Marrs          3lb 14oz
  2. Dave Parsons      3lb 
  3. Tim Church          1lb 14oz

Heaviest fish - 2lb 4oz - Colin Marrs

Thanks again to the members who participated in the competition, and well done to Colin Marrs.

6/9/2017 - Club Trophies to be returned

Members who have a club trophy in their possession should return it to Keith Caddick when convenient. This is so they can be engraved for award at the AGM.

6/9/2017 - Second KAA Competition change of Venue

Due to the drastic fall in the water level at CMR, it has been decided to hold the competition at Broad Oak lake instead. The date is Sunday 24th September and fishing is from 0900 to 1200. Broad Oak lake will be closed until completion of the competition. Further details will be posted shortly.

6/9/2017 - Update on Taylor's Lake and CMR

The EA tested the water at Taylor's lake yesterday morning and the results were very disappointing. The oxygen levels are at such a low level that Rainbow Trout are unable to survive. The main problem is that the blanket weed sank to the lake bottom and stifled the natural cycle of regeneration. The EA have suggested several ideas to improve the situation, but none of these are short term solutions. The club will research each of the various methods to find the most efficient one. Unfortunately this means that Taylor's lake will be closed until further notice.

Bristol Water have told us that, having checked various departments, there is no maintenance being carried out at CMR. They said that they are suffering the same problem on the main reservoirs, and it is due to lack of rainwater feeding into them. The problem is compounded by the requirement to provide a flow of water into the river Chew and the key tributaries. This is a legally enforcible requirement.

4/9/2017 - Taylor's lake and CMR

A decision has been made to close Taylor's lake untill further notice. Problems with water quality causing the death of some fish is the main reason. The water is being tested by the EA later this week. The results of the tests will, hopefully, provide us with some solutions to this problem. There has also been a significant drop of the water level at CMR. Bristol Water has been informed and we have been told there is no planned maintenance being carried out. Bristol Water are looking into it and will get back soonest.

The club is suffering yet again from problems that are not of our making. Any further news on these annoying problems will be posted when received.

24/8/2017 - Bank Clearing session at Broad Oak

A bank clearing session has been planned for Friday 15th September at Broad Oak. The intention is to remove the reedmace that is beginning to spread around the lake and affect some of the swims. All volunteers would be very welcome. Garden forks would be useful tools to bring along, as the aim is to dig out the reedmace roots and slow down the spread of this plant. Start time is 0900 and finish around 1200, so the more people that can help will mean more work can be done.

18/8/2017 - CMR Platform repair

Platform 2 at CMR has been repaired and is now safe for use.

18/8/2017 - 2nd Taster Day

A second taster day has been planned for Sunday 3rd September at Broad Oak lake. Start time will be 0900. If you know friends or family who would like to sample fly fishing then bring them along. Advice from experienced anglers will be available to all. Full details will be posted in the returns boxes at each venue.

6/8/2017 - CMR Platform repair

Platform number 2, at the top of the reservoir on the left hand side, will be out of action until further notice. It is not safe to use. Repairs are in hand and will be carried out ASAP.

30/7/2017 - Bank Clearing

A huge thankyou goes to the members who turned out on Friday for the weed clearing session at Broad Oak. A fantastic effort by all concerned, and a vast amount of weed was removed from the lake. A special thanks goes to Rich Denning for getting the boat safe for use, supplying his engine and battery and his sterling efforts in steering the boat to drop the weed rakes on the weed patches. Not an easy task in a very small boat. The efforts of the bank clearers is done for the benefit of all Knowle Angling members and is greatly appreciated by the committee. Remember, their work helps the club keep it's costs down, and means more can be spent on stocking etc.

6/7/2017 -Taster Day

Taster Day Sunday June 11th at Broad Oak Lake 0900 onwards. Instructors and experienced anglers will be on hand to give guidance. Refreshments will also be available.

4/5/2017 - Forthcoming dates on the horizon

2nd Club Competition Sunday 24th September 2017 at CMR 
4/5/2017 - Facebook
A KAA Facebook page has been created by Ron Hardie. Judging by the astronomical popularity of Facebook, this should be a useful place for members to pass on/pick up information on venues and fishing etc. Just search for 'Knowle Angling Association' and click to join. It goes without saying that all members are to use it sensibly.
4/5/2017 - KAA Taster Day 
The Taster Day is just 5 weeks away (Sunday 11th June). If you have family members or friends that would like to have a go at fly fishing for the first time then this is the perfect opportunity for them. Also, if you need to improve your casting or get tips on tying leaders and selecting flies, then this is also a good opportunity for you. There will be qualified instructors and experienced fly fishermen available to pass on good habits and useful tips that will increase your chances of landing some wonderful fish. Refreshments will be available, and all we need is decent weather and a good number of enthusiastic participants.
17/4/2017 - 1st KAA Competition
Yesterday saw the first competition of the year at Broad Oak lake. 10 members attended and, despite the chilly wind, all had a good time. A few nice fish were caught, including a 1lb 10oz Brownie by Simon Rustom. Unfortunately, the majority of the fish were conspicuous by their absence as only 6 fish were caught.
1st - Ron Hardie            2 fish          3lb 12oz
2nd - Joe Tucker           1 fish          2lb 4oz
3rd - J Powell                 1 fish         2lb 4oz
Heaviest fish - Joe Tucker 2lb 4oz
Many thanks to those members who turned up to participate. A friendly and sociable morning spent fishing. What could be better? The second competition takes place on Sunday 24th September at CMR. Details will be posted in due course.
12/4/2017 - Change of Bank Clearing venue
The venue for the next bank clearing session on Friday April 28th, has been changed from CMR to Broad Oak lake. After the fantastic work carried out last month, it was decided to keep on top of the weed. A second weed rake is being manufactured. The weed clearing session will be from 0900 to 1200. Please attend if you can as all members benefit from the work carried out by the people who turn up.
12/4/2017 - KAA Competition
The first club competition of the year takes place this Sunday (April 16th) at Broad Oak lake. Participants are requested to arrive by 0830 to sign in. Fishing will be from 0900 to 1200. There is no catch and release during the competition. The first 2 fish caught by each member will be weighed in. Members can fish at any of the club's venues, but must sign in at Broad Oak lake and return by 1230 for the weigh in. There is a £3 entry fee, which will provide a small prize for heaviest weight and biggest fish. These competitions are friendly get togethers on a Sunday morning.  
12/4/2017 - CMR Update
We have been given the go ahead to re-open CMR from this Friday (April 14th). It will be ready for members to fish. 
12/4/2017 - Reminder for members
Members are reminded of the following:-
1. Fishing hours at Ackers are - Dawn to Dusk during the winter, and 0730 to 2100 (or when security light goes on whichever is earlier) during the summer.
2. Members are permitted to take 2 fish each day. This does not mean 2 fish from each venue per day. Members can take 2 fish each day from, either, CMR or Broad Oak. Members are permitted to take 1 fish per day from Ackers and Taylor's lakes. Spot checks will be carried out. 
26/3/2017 - Bank Clearing at Broad Oak
A big thank you to the 11 members who turned up on Friday to clear weed from Broad Oak. You did a fantastic job, and it is greatly appreciated by the KAA committee. All members will benefit from your efforts.
The next bank clearing session is on Friday 7th April at Taylor's lake. Clearing weed is, once again the main aim. Meet at Taylor's lake 0900. 
27/2/2017 - Closure of CMR
CMR is very likely to be closed until early April due to essential maintenanace and repairs to the spillway. The site will be a no go area for members during this work. Thankfully it had not been stocked prior to this work commencing, and will only be stocked once the res has been handed over to the club. The club was not informed about the start date of this work.
14/1/2017 - Veals offer for members
Veals Fishing Tackle have very kindly agreed to give KAA members a 10% discount off their purchases of items not already reduced. Members just need to show their membership tab. Veals have always supported KAA, and we thank them for this kind gesture.
3/1/2017 - Bank Clearing Dates for 2017
The bank clearing sessions for 2017 have been set. The sessions will be on Fridays starting at 0900 and finish around 1230. Appropriate clothing and footware to be worn. The club has a selection of tools, but gardening tools would be useful items to bring along. Please attend the sessions if you can. They provide a valuable service to KAA, and allows funds to be spent on stocking and the like. The dates are: -
Date Venue Tasks
7/4/2017 Taylor's Lake Clear rushes from swims, replace barley straw and general strimming
28/4/2017 CMR Clear paths, tend to platform rails etc.
12/5/2017 Publow Clearing heavy weed from fishable areas and general tidying up.
9/6/2017 Broad Oak Clearing weed from swims and clear rushes from around lake.
7/7/2017 Broad Oak Same as June session.

 There will probably be other sessions to be organised as need arises. Details will be posted on the website.

3/1/2017 - Reporting Poaching Incidents to the Police
An updated Angling Trust guide for anglers reporting offences to the police, was issued at the end of April this year. It is important that we follow these guidelines to ensure that the incident is logged and action can be taken. It is in the interests of all members as poachers steal our fish. A copy of the AT guide can be viewed by clicking here or from the downloads page.
3/1/2017 - Barbless Hooks on KAA Venues
As we enter the New Year, it is an appropriate time to remind members, both old and new, that barbless hooks must be used on ALL of the club's trout fishing venues. For guidance on hook sizes to be used at Ackers and Taylor's Lake click here 

3/1/2017 - Fly Tying Evenings

Fly Tying evenings are being run on Thursday evenings at the Stanton Drew Village Hall. Start time is 1930, and the sessions are run by Malcolm Fisher. There is a small charge for room rental. All members are invited to attend.
3/1/2017 - Boatmen Required for International Flyfishing Competition
A request has been made from Angling Trust Team England Flyfishing for boatmen at next year's Four Nation Loch Style competition held at Chew Valley Lake. The date is Friday 19th May 2017. Further details and contact information can be seen by clicking here.
2/11/2016 - New Committee
Many thanks to all those members who attended the AGM on 24th October. Step one in the new era of KAA was met,i.e. we had several volunteers to join the committee. A big thank you to those members who stepped forward. The biggest talking point on the evening was discussion about the membership fees. This is the club's hot potato and is constantly under review in conjunction with fluctuating membership numbers. it is a difficult task attempting to strike a balance between the ethos of the club, flyfishing available to all members of the community, and the obvious requirement of the club having to meet it's financial obligations, primarily venue rents and fish stocking to name two. The decision was made to raise membership fees by £10 across the board with the exception of juniors, which remains at the 2016 rate. A hefty drop in membership numbers this year meant a big drop in the club's working budget, and led to worries about KAA continuing to operate. As step one is complete, the next step along the way is 2017 membership numbers.
The new committee has held a meeting to fill positions within the club, and to discuss ideas for changes to clarify certain practices. It is also hoped that a number of areas can be simplified and made easier for members by the increased use of electronic means. Further information regarding these potential changes will be announced as soon as they have been fully explored. The new committee is as follows: -
  1. Mike Lavender            Chairman
  2. Ron Hardie                  Vice-Chairman
  3. Steve Feddery            Company Secretary
  4. Steve Parkinson          Membership Secretary/Treasurer
  5. Mike Hobbs
  6. Simon Rustom
  7. Steve Nicholls
  8. Doug Reeves
  9. Roger Holman 
This committee is fully comitted to working hard to ensure that KAA continues to provide first class fishing for it's members. You, the members, can also play a part in helping the committee maintain this aim. Most of you will know some, if not all of the committee members, and they should be the first point of contact to clarify any rumours that may be passed along the bank. I am certain that, with this committee and the support of the membership, KAA has every chance of reaching it's centenary.
A very big thank you goes to David Green and Keith Caddick for the hard work they put in, and guidance they gave to Knowle Angling for a combined period of over 70 years. The knowledge and experience they have accumulated during those years will be very difficult to replace in the short term. They leave with the thanks and best wishes of all Knowle Angling members.