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25/10/2019 - Fly Tying Evenings

Fly tying evenings will start on Tuesday November 5th at 1930 until further notice. The venue is Taylor's Farm. Beginners are most welcome.

24/10/2019 - Last Night's AGM

On behalf of the committee I would like to thank all of the members who attended the AGM last night. It was very uplifting to be in the room with members who cared deeply about the club, and who appreciated the work done to keep the club running. There were a lot of constructive thoughts and suggestions put forward in order to grow the club and try to get back to where we were 5 years ago. All of these suggestions were duly noted and will be actioned by the committee.

Three proposals were put to the vote:

1. Re-instate the over 65 concession - This was passed Unanimously. (2020 membership fees shown on membership page).

2. Allowing sink tip lines, and any fly that fits within the gauges, at Ackers and Taylor's. (the gauges are fitted in the returns boxes) - this was passed unanimously.

3. To halt catch and release at CMR for a period - This was defeated unanimously.

Three new committee members were elected. Ray Tomlin, Fred Gray and Terry Gay have now joined the KAA committee. New people bringing new ideas, a fresh viewpoint and enthusiasm, are always welcome to join the committee. We welcome the new committee members.

The AGM also saw Simon Rustom and Steve Nicholls leave the committee due to other committments. We would like to thank both of them for the work they put in to help move the club forward. We wish them well in the future, and Tight Lines!

06/09/2019 - KAA AGM

The 2019 Knowle Angling AGM will take place on Wednesday 23rd October at the Stanton Drew Village Hall. Start time is 1930. A members of the Bristol Zoo team will be be in attendance to give us an update on the work they are doing around our venues, and to answer any questions you may have. The parking is not a problem as a hard base has been fitted into the field to make it more suitable for cars to park.

There are a couple of proposals up for debate and voting. They are as follows:

1. It is proposed to reinstate the OAP concession in 2020. The 2020 memberships fees would be £180 for under 65s, and £165 for over 65s.

2. It is proposed to change the floating line only rule at Ackers and Taylor's lake so that sink tip lines are now permissable. It is also proposed to allow any fly that fits within the gauges that are fitted in the returns boxes at Ackers and Taylor's.

These are proposals that will be put to the members at the AGM. If anyone has any comments then please email me at: -

If anyone has any other issues they would like to raise at the AGM then please email me also.

02/09/2019 - KAA Competition Result

Thank you to the members who turned up to participate in the second club competition yesterday. The weather gave us a warm dry day, but the fishing gods decided to make it tough going. Members fished Broad Oak, Taylor's and Ackers. All found it very challenging, and most were relieved when 1200 arrived and the competition ended. The result is as follows:

1. A Leslie      3lb 8oz

2. J Smart       1lb 14oz

3. S Feddery   1lb 12oz

Congratulations to A. Leslie, who caught his 2 fish from Taylor's Lake.

Thanks again to those members who turned up to support the club.

20/08/2019 - Second KAA Competition

The second KAA Competition of the year will take place on Sunday 1st September. The venue is Broad Oak Lake. Signing in will take place from 0815, and fishing will be from 0900 - 1200. Members can fish any of the club's venues, but must be back at Broad Oak by 1230 for the weigh in. There is a £3 entry fee, which will be shared between the winner and the captor of the biggest fish. This is purely a social event with plenty of friendly banter among the competitors.

Any members who hold a club trophy presented at last year's AGM, can they please bring them along to the competition or get them to either Mike Lavender or Steve Feddery as soon as possible.

Members are reminded that Broad Oak lake will be closed for general fishing until completion of competition.

5/06/2019 - Rule Reminder for Ackers and Taylor's

These rules for fishing at the two smaller lakes, Ackers and Taylor's, are as follows:

1. Floating lines and sink tip lines only.

2. A point fly and one dropper.

3. Max Hook size is a standard 10, and max fly length is 15/16 inch. Gauges are available in the returns boxes to check the size of hooks and flies. There is an example sheet to look at on the downloads page.

4. Any fly that fits within the gauge is allowed.

5. Only ONE fish can be taken on any day from either lake. If you take one fish and want to take another then you must move to another venue.

As stated, these rules are specific to Ackers and Taylor's only. There are rules that apply to all of our venues including Ackers and Taylor's.

1. Barbless Hooks only.

2. You must be in control of your rod at all times.

3. Membership Cards must be carried when you visit a venue.

4. You must sign in prior to fishing, and complete the returns sheet upon leaving a venue.

Please help the bailiffs by following these rules. If you have any questions then please ask a bailiff or contact Steve Feddery or Mike Lavender.

4/06/2019 - Invasive Species

As most of you will know, we are working closely with the Bristol Zoo invasive species team. A member of the team give an informative talk at last year's AGM, and they have been carrying out surveys of the signal crayfish population at CMR. They have visited our other venues and will shortly be setting up Artificial Refuse Traps (ARTs) at these venues. The work this team carry out is vitally important in trying to halt the spread of these species. A PDF showing the particular species to look out for is available to download here.

As anglers we are important in this campaign to try and halt the spread of these destructive species. We are best placed to spot them and let the bailiffs and Steve Feddery know. These species cause immense damage to our native species and the aquatic environment. It is up to us to play our part in assisting the Bristol Zoo team with their exceptionaly important work. An important step we, as anglers, can take is to follow the CHECK, CLEAN and DRY routine after fishing. A PDF of this routine is available here.

Further detailed information on the invasive species and how to indentify them can be found at the following website: please take time to read through and look out for any signs of them when you visit our venues.

1/06/2019 - Publow is no longer a KAA venue

Publow lake is no longer a KAA venue. The committee had a very tough decision to make about the lake, and came to the decision that it was unfeasible to continue renting the lake. The main reasons for this were, the lack of members fishing the lake and the amount of work needed to be done to keep on top of the weed and bankside vegetation etc. This decision wasn't taken lightly.

2/05/2019 - KAA Competition Result

Many thanks to the 9 members who took part in the first club competition of 2019 last Sunday. The venue was Broad Oak lake and the weather was very kind to us after storm Hannah had blown herself out overnight. The fishing wasn't easy by any means, especially after recent reports of members catching high numbers of fish. At least some fish showed up. It was a very enjoyable social event with everyone enjoying the morning.

The result: -

1. Steve Feddery   2 fish   3lb 12oz

2. Tim Church        2 fish   3lb 10oz

3. Martin Walker    2 fish   3lb 3oz

Stuart Leslie caught the biggest fish  2lb 2oz

Well done to all of the participants and a big thank you for your support of these club social events.

The 2nd competition is on Sunday 1st September at CMR. Details will be posted nearer the time.

24/04/2019 - Large Brownie Caught at CMR

A Brownie estimated at 5lb+ has been caught at CMR over the Easter weekend. A beautifully marked fish by all accounts. It was returned safely to, hopefully, be caught again. All our venues are fishing very well at present. Tight Lines to those members who visit our venues during this incoming spell of changeable weather.

A reminder that the first club competition of the year takes place this coming Sunday (28th) at Broad Oak Lake. Fishing from 0900 - 1200. Sign in at Broad Oak from 0815. Broad Oak lake will be closed until completion of the competition.

10/04/2019 - Newsletter

The latest newsletter is available to read. It is placed in all of the returns boxes and is available on the downloads page. You can also read it by clicking here.

05/04/2019 - Invasive Species Survey

The Bristol Zoo team will be placing signal crayfish traps down the centre of CMR at the beginning of May. Then every Friday they will use a boat to retrieve the traps, empty them and then replace them. This will take place until further notice. These actions will not affect fishing at CMR as if is only down the centre of the reservoir. This work is being carried out in conjunction with Bristol Water.

The Bristol Zoo team have advised members to make sure that they thoroughly clean boots/waders and nets in hot water after each fishing trip. This will help lessen the risk of transferring invasive species to other waters.


The venues may change depending on any urgent problems that may present themselves. Any changes to the above list will be posted as soon as is known.

07/01/2019 - Membership Numbers

Members are reminded that their membership numbers may have changed for this year. Please check your membership card before signing in.

06/01/2019 - Flies for use at Ackers and Taylor's Lakes

Members are reminded that the flies to be used at Ackers and Taylor's must conform to a certain size. Flies used must be a maximum of 15/16". This is measured from the eye of the hook to the tip of the tail of the fly. There are gauges placed in the returns boxes at Ackers and Taylor's for checking the flies. There is also a sheet containing an explanation. This measure is in place because of the size of the lakes. This does not apply to Broad Oak or CMR.  

06/01/2019 - Catch and Release

As a club that allows catch and release on our waters, members are to ensure that the process is carried out with with maximum care to the welfare of the fish. There is a link to the 'Stillwater Trout Fisheries Association' guide to Catch and Release on the download page. Please read it and follow their guidelines. Our fish are a valuable asset and must be looked after.

06/01/2019 - Rule reminder

Members are reminded that the following limits, for taking fish, apply at our venues. Members may only take 2 fish per day in total. This can be 2 fish from CMR or Broad Oak. Members may only take 1 fish per day from Ackers or Taylors. Members must not exceed 2 fish in a day even if they travel around more than one venue. Our Bailiffs will be checking!   

06/01/2019 - Veals offer for members

Veals Fishing Tackle have very kindly agreed to give KAA members a 10% discount off their purchases of items not already reduced. Members just need to show their membership tab. Veals have always supported KAA, and we thank them for this kind gesture.
2/1/2018Reporting Poaching Incidents to the Police
An updated Angling Trust guide for anglers reporting offences to the police, was issued at the end of April this year. It is important that we follow these guidelines to ensure that the incident is logged and action can be taken. It is in the interests of all members as poachers steal our fish. A copy of the AT guide can be viewed by clicking here or from the downloads page.
06/01/2019Barbless Hooks on KAA Venues
As we enter the New Year, it is an appropriate time to remind members, both old and new, that barbless hooks must be used on ALL of the club's trout fishing venues. For guidance on hook sizes to be used at Ackers and Taylor's Lake click here