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25/09/2020 - Opening of CMR

At long last some excellent news ref CMR. The reservoir will be open for fishing from tomorrow morning (26th). There are 5 platforms open for fishing.The rest have barriers in front of them. Do not attempt to access them. Please heed the notices on the platforms and by the returns box. We do not want to give any reason for the reservoir to be closed again.

03/09/2020 - Departure of Membership Secretary

Sadly after a change in family circumstances I can no longer continue to carry out the duties of Membership Secretary and Company Secretary after November this year. I have been asked to advertise both posts on our website. If anyone is interested in taking over any one, or both, of the posts then please contact me or Mike Lavender. I will make time to give a comprehensive handover to the new person.

03/09/2020 - CMR Update

A structural Engineer's report has been completed and forwarded to Bristol Water. Fingers crossed the positive message in the report leads to CMR being opened as soon as possible.

05/08/2020 - Broad Oak and CMR

Thank you for all of the reports about the problem with the fish at Broad Oak. The club has been actively trying to determine what the problem is and what can be done to solve it. It seems it is down to a lice which gets onto the fish, in and around the gills, and causes distress. The fish leap clear of the water regularly in a bid to shake the lice off, and appear very lethargic when swimming around. We are not the only fishery that is suffering from this lice infestation, and it can disappear for a couple of years and then return again. The club has contacted our fish supplier Bristol Water, but they are not having problems in their stock ponds. We are also in contact with the science team at the Bristol Avon Rivers Trust (BART) to find out if there is a treatment that can be added to the lake. The club has decided to impose the following rules whilst we are having this problem:

1. Catch and Release is suspended immediately until further notice.

2. A bin has been placed at Broad Oak, and all fish that are not taken should be put into the bin so they can be disposed of.

3. Containers will be put on site filled with diluted disinfectant. Members must wash their boots and nets before fishing and before they leave Broad Oak.


A structural engineer is visiting CMR early next week to survey the platforms and make his report. We are not expecting any problems with the engineer's survey, and so the report will be passed to Bristol Water for their approval. If they are happy with it then CMR will be stocked well above normal stocking levels, and opened immediately. Fingers crossed everything goes without a hitch. 

06/06/2020 - Suspension of the Booking System

From tomorrow, Sunday 7th June, the booking system will be suspended. After two weeks our members have followed the request to book a place to avoid the lakes being swamped by members wanting to get out and fish. I would like to thank you all for your patience in bearing with us.

Although the booking system is suspended it doesn't mean the rules on numbers fishing at the lakes have been relaxed. The rules on fishing during Covid-19, and the social distancing protocols remain. Suspending the booking system relies on everyone being sensible when they arrive at a lake. If there are already the maximum number of people fishing, then the right thing to do is to move to another venue. The last thing we need is to undo the good work already done by you all.

The numbers allowed for each session at each Venue:

Broad Oak   10

Ackers          8

Taylor's         6

The Morning Session finishes at 1230, and the afternoon session starts at 1300.

31/05/2020 - Fishing Update 6

I would like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding during these unprecedented times. The booking system for fishing the lakes has been in operation for over a week, and has worked well so far with many members choosing their preferred venue and time. There are plenty of sessions available for members to choose extra fishing slots. If you would like to fish more regularly than the session you have chosen then please contact me at: The remaining sessions will be on a first come first served basis.

23/05/2020 - Fishing Update 5

After meeting with the owner at Broad Oak earlier today it has been decided to let Broad Oak open for fishing from Monday morning. The maximum number of anglers is 10. There are several rules the owner has stipulated must be obeyed if the lake is to remain open. All vehicles must only be parked in the designated area. Parking spaces have been marked out with yellow paint. Very strict social distancing must be observed at all times. All rubbish, discarded line, drinks bottles etc, and food wrappers must be taken away with you. The bin by the returns box has been removed as we were requested to do. All we ask is that everyone acts responsibly as the owner will be making random visits to ensure that the rules are being upheld. After getting the go ahead for fishing, after what seems like an eternity, the last thng we need is to lose it again through thoughtless acts.

20/05/2020 - Fishing Update 4

At last the news that we have waited for. Ackers and Taylor's will definitely open on Monday and Broad Oak is almost certainly going to open, although we won't knowfor definite until we meet with the owner on Saturday. There will be booking system in place from tomorrow for Ackers and Taylor's and, fingers crossed, Broad Oak from Saturday. This is to prevent too many members turning up at a venue and finding it alread full. Also it prevents some members from travelling a long way to end up disappointed.

The booking system will operate as follows. 

1. Each member will choose a venue plus a reserve.

2. Each Member will choose a day plus a reserve.

3. Each member will select either a morning or afternoon session

The venue, day and session chosen will be your time to fish during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

It has been decided that Ackers will have 8 anglers per session and Taylor's 6 anglers per session. Broad Oak's numbers will be known on Saturday.

Please contact Steve Feddery on 01172398829 or email: to make your booking. I will be taking calls from 0930 tomorrow. Please leave a message and your number if I can't answer for any reason, or email me.

There are a set of KAA's rules for fishing during COVID-19 rules at each venue, and you can download a copy here.

Fishing during this pandemic is permitted as long as members follow the government guidelines on social distancing. The riparian owners will shut the lakes again if these rules aren't followed to the letter.  It is encumbent on all of us in KAA to make sure that the rules on numbers fishing at the venues are strictly adhered to. We don't want to lose our fishing because someone decided to fish without booking.

This system isn't perfect, but what is a perfect system during these unprecedented time? We ask all members to help us get through this period until we reach some sort of normal.

13/05/2020 - Fishing Update 3

Some good news, such as it is, that the rivers (River Chew and Yeo) are open for fishing. The EA have given permission for fishing to recommence. Of course it is all subject to the goverment's Stay Alert and social distancing rules laid down on Monday. Remember that you can only fly fish or use worms to fish for trout on the river Chew, but the Yeo is strictly fly only. The coarse fishing season on the river does not start until June 16th. Please use common sense and act responsibly. The relaxation of the rules will be withdrawn if we don't.

12/05/2020 - Fishing Update 2

Unfortunately this update has some bad news. Due to our riparian owners wanting more time to think about the situation, we are left with no venues to fish at present. Hopefully this will not last very long. Many other fisheries, both large and small, have made the decision not to open either. As you are all aware we are going through unprecedented times with this pandemic, and everyone is poking around in the dark trying to find a clear way through. The lawyers at the big fisheries are working at making their rules watertight to prevent any comeback on the fishery should anyone contract the virus. Due to the litigious times we live in this is not unexpected. Any further update will be posted asap.

11/05/2020 - Fishing Update

It seems that last night's statement by Boris has been interpreted as either, the green light to go fishing from Wednesday, or, can we can't we go fishing. Hopefully it will all be cleared up this afternoon in parliament. As you are aware, the club does not own any of it's venues and , as such, we have to seek permission from the riparian owners to fish the lakes and rivers. Already the owners at Ackers will not open their lake until they review the situation at the end of May. We are still waiting for responses from the other riparian owners.

The key issue about the possibility of fishing again is that it must follow the social distancing rules that we have all followed from the beginning of the lock down. It it easier to follow these rules when fishing than it is with many other activities, but the problem may be if lots of members decide to turn up at a particular venue at the same time. The car parks at our venues aren't very big, and could well fill up early and quickly. We will be looking at ways of trying to prevent this happening. A further update will be posted asap.

06/04/2020 - Death of two members

It is with great sadness that I have to report that 2 of our members have passed away over the past few weeks. Doug Reeves and Roger Nelmes. They were both long time members of KAA, and will be sadly missed. Most of you will have met them at our venues at one time or another. Doug Reeves was a very active member who was a bailiff for many years, and was a committee member as well later on. He had been ill for the last few years. It is not known if Covid 19 played a part in their passing. We send our condolences to their families. R.I.P

24/03/2020 - Venue Closures due to Corona Virus

Due to the current Corona Virus pandemic, and at the request of one of our riparian owners, it has been decided to close all Knowle Angling Association venues from today until further notice. Please take care and keep safe.

05/02/2020 - Bristol Water maintenance at CMR

Bristol Water have informed the club that they will be carrying out maintenance on the gauge pool at CMR shortly. The work is planned to take 10 weeks from the start date, which has yet to be announced. As is usual during these maintenance periods, CMR will become a work site and, therefore, be closed to members for fishing. Any start/finish dates will be posted when known.

05/02/2020 - Competition Dates

The dates for the KAA competitions have been decided. They are:

a). Competition 1    Sunday 3rd May 2020

b). Competition 2    Sunday 6th September 2020

At present the first competition will take place at Broad Oak. Any change will be posted well in advance.

Fishing at the competitions takes place from 0900 - 1200. The venue will be closed for non-participants until completion of the competition.

These competitions are purely friendly, sociable events and a very pleasant way to spend a few hours on a Sunday morning.

15/01/2020 - Guest Tickets

Members are reminded that Guest tickets are available from several locations.

  1. Pensford Post Office
  2. Druids Arms Public House in Stanton Drew
  3. Steven Feddery, Membership Secretary. Contact details on Membership tab.

​Day tickets cost £10 and allow your guest to take 1 fish. You will need to show your membership tab when obtaining a ticket. 

09/01/2020 - New Year Reminder

As we enter a new membership year, it is the right time to remind all members of some of the rules which apply to our venues.

Rule Reminder for Ackers and Taylor's

  1. Floating or sink tip lines only.
  2. A point fly and one dropper only.
  3. Maximum hook size is a standard size 10. Maximum fly length is 15/16 of an inch. Gauges are fitted to the returns boxes at each of these venues.
  4. Any fly that fits within the gauge can be used.
  5. Only one fish per day can be taken from either venue. If you want to take two fish, then you must move to another venue.

As stated these rules apply to Ackers and Taylor's only. There are rules which apply to all venues: -

  1. Barbless hooks to be used.
  2. Members must sign in on the returns sheet when arriving, and complete on leaving.
  3. Only two fish may be taken each day.
  4. You must be in control of your rod at all times.
  5. Membership cards must be carried when fishing.

Please help the bailiffs by following the above. Please contact Mike Lavender or Steve Feddery if you have any questions.

09/01/2020 - CMR Closure

Bristol Water have surveyed the platforms at CMR and have decided that a number of them are unsafe for use. The result of this is that they have ordered the club to close CMR to members until the platforms have been repaired to a standard that Bristol Water are happy with. It is diappointing, but there is nothing the club can do. It is hoped that the repairs can be carried out as soon as possible. Any change in the situation will be posted as soon as there is news.

09/01/2020 - Invasive Species

As most of you will know, we are working closely with the Bristol Zoo invasive species team. They have been carrying out surveys of the signal crayfish population at CMR. They have visited our other venues and will shortly be setting up Artificial Refuse Traps (ARTs) at these venues. The work this team carry out is vitally important in trying to halt the spread of these species. A PDF showing the particular species to look out for is available to download here.

As anglers we are important in this campaign to try and halt the spread of these destructive species. We are best placed to spot them and let the bailiffs and Steve Feddery know. These species cause immense damage to our native species and the aquatic environment. It is up to us to play our part in assisting the Bristol Zoo team with their exceptionaly important work. An important step we, as anglers, can take is to follow the CHECK, CLEAN and DRY routine after fishing. A PDF of this routine is available here.

Further detailed information on the invasive species and how to indentify them can be found at the following website: please take time to read through and look out for any signs of them when you visit our venues.

09/01/2020 - Membership Numbers

Members are reminded that their membership numbers may have changed for this year. Please check your membership card before signing in.

09/01/2020 - Catch and Release

As a club that allows catch and release on our waters, members are to ensure that the process is carried out with with maximum care to the welfare of the fish. There is a link to the 'Stillwater Trout Fisheries Association' guide to Catch and Release on the download page. Please read it and follow their guidelines. Our fish are a valuable asset and must be looked after.

06/01/2019 - Veals offer for members

Veals Fishing Tackle have very kindly agreed to give KAA members a 10% discount off their purchases of items not already reduced. Members just need to show their membership tab. Veals have always supported KAA, and we thank them for this kind gesture.