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10/05/2022 - Ackers Closure 24th May

The funeral for Colin Smart will be held on Tuesday 24th May. Ackers lake will be closed all day in respect of the families wishes.

9/05/2022 - Competition Results

Many thanks to the members who turned up for the first club competition of the year on Sunday. The weather gods were very kind, and we had a glorious day weather wise. Most participants stayed at Broad Oak and a few went off to Taylors lake and Ackers. Everyone found it to be a testing morning's fishing with lots of follows, nips and on/offs. However, 7 fish were landed at Broad Oak, whilst Taylors and Ackers didn't yield any fish. One of our young members won the competition and pipped his father in the process. The result was:

1. Aaron Sherlock - 4lb 6oz

2= Mark Sherlock - 3lb 5oz

2= Roger King      - 3lb 5oz

4. Steve Feddery  - 2lb 2oz

Very well done to Aaron, who also had the biggest fish at 2lb 71/2oz. As always it was a very sociable event with plenty of oohs, aahs and, in true Victor Meldrew fashion, "I don't believe its". Frustrations aside a very enjoyable morning was had by all. The next club competition will be held on Sunday 4th September.

7/04/2022 - Bank Clearing at Broad Oak

A bank/weed clearing session will take place at Broad Oak on Saturday 23rd April from 0900 to around 1200. The main aim is to try and get as much weed as possible from around the lake, and improve the area around the swims. This work will benefit all members and, as such, requires as many members as possible to attend and help out.

If you can spare a few hours on April 23rd please come along and help the club to make a difference for all members.

7/04/2022 - Club Competitions 2022

Dates for the two KAA club competitions have been chosen:

1. The first competition is on Sunday May 8th.

2. The second competition is on Sunday September 4th.

Those members who wish to participate in these competitions should sign in at Broad Oak at 0830. Fishing will take place from 0900 to 1200. Broad Oak will be closed until 1200 on both days. Once you have signed in, members can fish any of the club's venues. Members must return to Broad Oak by 1230 for the weigh in. The first two fish caught are the ones that will be weighed, so must be dispatched.

These competitions are purely run as social and friendly club activities. They are fished within a friendly banter ridden atmosphere. Please attend if you can.

14/01/2022 - New Year Reminder

As we enter a new membership year, it is the right time to remind all members of some of the rules which apply to our venues.

Rule Reminder for Ackers and Taylor's

  1. Floating or sink tip lines only.
  2. A point fly and one dropper only.
  3. Maximum hook size is a standard size 10. Maximum fly length is 15/16 of an inch. Gauges are fitted to the returns boxes at each of these venues.
  4. Any fly that fits within the gauge can be used.
  5. Only one fish per day can be taken from either venue. If you want to take two fish, then you must move to another venue.

As stated these rules apply to Ackers and Taylor's only. There are rules which apply to all venues: -

  1. Barbless hooks to be used.
  2. Members must sign in on the returns sheet when arriving, and complete on leaving.
  3. Only two fish may be taken each day.
  4. You must be in control of your rod at all times.
  5. Membership cards must be carried when fishing.

Please help the bailiffs by following the above. Please contact Mike Lavender or Ron Hardie if you have any questions.

14/01/2022 - Catch and Release

As a club that allows catch and release on our waters, members are to ensure that the process is carried out with with maximum care to the welfare of the fish. There is a link to the 'Stillwater Trout Fisheries Association' guide to Catch and Release on the download page. Please read it and follow their guidelines. Our fish are a valuable asset and must be looked after.

14/01/2022 - Invasive Species

As most of you will know, we are working closely with the Bristol Zoo invasive species team. They have been carrying out surveys of the signal crayfish population at CMR. They have visited our other venues and will shortly be setting up Artificial Refuse Traps (ARTs) at these venues. The work this team carry out is vitally important in trying to halt the spread of these species. A PDF showing the particular species to look out for is available to download here.

As anglers we are important in this campaign to try and halt the spread of these destructive species. We are best placed to spot them and let the bailiffs and Steve Feddery know. These species cause immense damage to our native species and the aquatic environment. It is up to us to play our part in assisting the Bristol Zoo team with their exceptionaly important work. An important step we, as anglers, can take is to follow the CHECK, CLEAN and DRY routine after fishing. A PDF of this routine is available here.

Further detailed information on the invasive species and how to indentify them can be found at the following website: please take time to read through and look out for any signs of them when you visit our venues.

11/11/2021 - KAA 97th AGM

Thank you to all of the members who attended the AGM at the Stanton Drew Village Hall last night. There were some lively discussions around CMR stocking and membership fees. The committee will contact Bristol Water and try to ascertain where the information and mixed messages, centering around dates of stocking, originated from. Any developments will be posted in due course. Membership fees were discussed as it was suggested that a significant rise in the fees was required as the club was excellent value, and to maintain the quality of the fishing. It was felt by the majority that a large rise in the fees would have an adverse effect on membership numbers, which were already lower than desired. It was unanimously agreed to raise the membership fees by £5 across the board. 

Elections of Officers and Committee members was carried out with all Committee members being unanimously re-elected with the exception of Fred Gray who resigned from the Committee. No new Committee members were elected. After 20 years Steve Feddery stood down as Company Secretary and Membership Secretary. Ron Hardie has volunteered to take up those positions within the club. Ron Hardie was unanimously elected to take over. Mike Lavender, as Chairman, and Steve Parkinson, as Treasurer, were unanimously re-elected to carry on in the respective positions.  

The membership page has been updated to reflect the change in Membership Secretary and membership fees.

Once again I would like to thank all members for attending the AGM. Hopefully Knowle Angling will strengthen in the coming years and provide quality flyfishing for everyone far into the future.