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09/12/2018 - Flies for use at Ackers and Taylor's Lakes

Members are reminded that the flies to be used at Ackers and Taylor's must conform to a certain size. Flies used must be a maximum of 15/16". This is measured from the eye of the hook to the tip of the tail of the fly. There are gauges placed in the returns boxes at Ackers and Taylor's for checking the flies. There is also a sheet containing an explanation. This measure is in place because of the size of the lakes. This does not apply to Broad Oak or CMR.  

17/11/2018 - Fly Tying Sessions

It is planned to run fly tying sessions shortly. The sessions will take place in the Farmhouse at Taylor's Farm. The sessions are open to all members, and beginners are particularly most welcome. The instructor is a first class fly tyer, and will guide you through each step of the process. The flies you will tie are all proven patterns that will catch fish on any venue. If you are interested then contact Mike Lavender on 01275333403.

18/10/2018 - Key Points from KAA AGM

Thank you to all of the members who took the time to attend the club's AGM last night. The evening opened with a very enlightening presentation, by a member of the team from Bristol Zoo, on the increasing problems facing our native crayfish from foreign invaders. We can all help in this battle by taking a few simple, but important, steps. Cleaning and drying boots, nets and tackle after fishing.

The meeting raised several points as expected. The fantastic work done by the small band of bank clearers was highlighted, but they can only do so much. More help from members would increase the amount of work that could be achieved. The alternative would be to pay people to do a lot of the work. That is totally undesireable as money would be diverted from other key areas of the club. The point was made that the work is carried out during the week when a lot of members are at work. A request was made for someone to organise a working team at weekends that could extend the work done by the Friday team. Anyone who could help with this please contact Mike Lavender.

Key points from the AGM:

1. 2019 Membership Fees will remain at £175 for full members and £40 for Juniors.

2. Members who introduce a new member, that joins the club, will earn a £25 reduction in their membership fee.

3. Members will earn a £5 reduction in their membership for each bank clearing session they attend up to a maximum of £25.

4. Guest tickets will remain at £10, which allows your guest to take one fish. We have added some new places where they can be purchased. Members can buy guest tickets from the following; Veals fishing tackle, Steven Feddery, Pensford Post Office and the Druid's Arms Public House in Stanton Drew.

It is important that all of us play our part in keeping Knowle Angling Association a strong and healthy part of the fly fishing community. We need to look after our primary asset, i.e. the fish, from theft and bad angling practices. If any member observes anything untoward, at any of our venues, then it is in their interest to report it so that action can be taken quickly. The committee always takes a prudent view regarding the club's finances, but we need everyone to assist so that we can enjoy the best angling possible. 

15/10/2018 - KAA AGM

Members are reminded that the KAA AGM takes place this coming Wednesday (17th October) at the Stanton Drew Village Hall (BS39 4EL). Prior to the AGM starting at 1930, there will be a short talk by the team conducting the Crayfish survey at CMR. Members are advised to attend early. Members will see that a section of the field over the wall opposite the Druid Arms Public House is sectioned off due to work being carried out. Members are asked to park in the top section of the field, which is accessed through the gate opposite the pub car park. 

3/9/2018 - Competition Result

A big thank you to the 10 members who came along, yesterday, and supported the KAA Club Competition. The weather was very kind to us. Members could fish at any of the club's venues, and half the participants went to Ackers and Taylor's. The other half stayed at CMR and probably wished they hadn't. 1 small roach and a follow was all the res could muster. The members who went elsewhere fared infinitely better. The competition result:

1. Tim Church      4lb 8oz

2. Mark Sherlock  3lb 10oz

3. Arun Sherlock   2lb 14oz

The biggest fish was 2lb and caught by Mark Sherlock.

Well done to Tim Church.

Thank you to all those who participated.

31/8/2018 - Second Club Competition

The second club competition will take place this coming Sunday at CMR. Fishing will take place from 0900 - 1200. Entrants need to be at CMR by 0830 to sign in. Competitors can fish at any of the club's venues, but must return to CMR by 1230 for the weigh in. There is a £3 entrance fee which will be shared between the winner and the captor of the biggest fish. This competition is purely a fun social event. CMR will be closed for pleasure fishing until the end of the competition.

31/8/2018 - KAA AGM

The KAA AGM will take place on Wednesday 17th October 2018 at the Stanton Drew Village Hall (postcode - BS39 4EL). The start time is 1930. It is hoped that some members of the team, carrying out the crayfish survey at CMR, will attend to give a progress report and also offer advice on preventing the spread of invasive species.

14/8/2018 - Help required at bank clearing session

We are sending out a plea for more members to help at the bank clearing sessions. The present bank clearing team do a fantastic job for the membership, but can only do so much. With more help a lot more could be achieved. If you are able to spend a few hours at some of the bank clearing sessions then please come along and help out. The club has the tools for the tasks we undertake. Any help you could give would be helpful to the membership and greatly appreciated. 

8/7/2018 - Care when practicing Catch and Release

During this spell of hot weather the water temperatures at the smaller lakes have risen to over 20 degrees Centigrade. This is above the temperature that is comfortable for the trout. Several trout have died at Taylor's lake. Members are asked to take the utmost care when practicing 'Catch and Release'. Play the fish to the net as quickly as possible, unhook the fish while it is in the water and support it until it is strong enough to swim off. Remember that the trout are an expensive asset and need to be looked after during times like this.

17/5/2018 - Memership Secretary Absence

The Membership Secretary will be away from tomorrow (18th) until the 28th May. If anyone has any questions then please ring Keith Caddick on 01179857974.

16/5/2018 - 18 Month Membership

KAA membership runs from January 1st to December 31st each year and the club doesn't offer a reduced membership during the year. What the club does offer is an 18 month membership from 1st June until December 31st the following year. This option allows you to fish instead of waiting until January to join the club. The cost of the 18 month membership is £262.50. You will automatically be issued with the new club tab at the end of the year. The 18 month membership also avoids any potential rise in membership fee next year. If you wish to take up this membership option just follow the instructions on the membership page.

14/5/2018 - Change of Bank Clearing Date

The date of the next bank clearing session has changed from Monday 28th May to Friday 25th May. The venue is Ackers. All members who are able and available are asked to help.

7/5/2018 - KAA Competition Result

The first club competition of the year took place in glorious weather yesterday (Sunday). Eight members turned up to participate and, although the weather wasn't ideal for fishing, most members caught fish. Some members went to Taylor's, and one member went to Ackers. A thoroughly enjoyable day had by all. The result was as follows:

  1. Mike Lavender   3lb 9oz
  2. Roger Holman    3lb 1.5oz
  3. Mark Sherlock    2lb 0oz

A total of 7 fish were caught. The biggest fish was shared by Mike Lavender and Mark Sherlock, who both had fish weighing 2lb 0oz.

Thank you to all the members who took part in the competition.

The next competition will take place on Sunday 2nd September at CMR.

30/4/2018 - First Club Competition of the year

The first competition of the year takes place this coming Sunday, May 6th, at Broad Oak lake. Fishing is from 0900 - 1200. Members wishing to participate should be at Broad Oak at 0830 to sign in. An entry fee of £3 will be required, which will form the prizes awarded to the winner and captor of the biggest fish. Members can fish any of the club's venues but must return to Broad Oak by 1230 for the weigh in. The competition is purely a social occasion and is a friendly few hours fishing.

Broad Oak will be closed for pleasure fishing until completion of the competition. 

8/3/2018 - Catch and Release

As a club that allows catch and release on our waters, members are to ensure that the process is carried out with with maximum care to the welfare of the fish. There is a link to the 'Stillwater Trout Fisheries Association' guide to Catch and Release on the download page. Please read it and follow their guidelines. Our fish are a valuable asset and must be looked after.

7/3/2018 - Bank Clearing Session

A programme of bank clearing sessions has been arranged, around our venues, for this season. The sessions start at 0900 and finish around mid day. The club has a selection of tools for the purpose, but members should try and bring things like garden spades and forks or other tools they deem useful. Those members who attend these sessions carry out a vital service keeping on top of the problems we find at some of our venues. Please make the effort to attend if you can. There is a reduction in membership fees for regular attendees.

Date Venue Task
23/3/2018 Taylor's Lake Applying Siltex 
27/4/2018 Broad Oak Weed/Reedmace clearing
28/5/2018 Ackers Weed Clearing
29/6/2018 CMR General Maintenance
27/7/2018 Taylor's Lake Weed Clearing
31/8/2018 Broad Oak Weed Clearing
28/9/2018 Broad Oak/Taylor's lake Weed Clearing

 This list is a guide as to what we expect to do. It is subject to change depending on the urgency of any problems arising during the season. Any changes will be posted as soon as known.

9/02/2018 - Cormorants

Those of you who have braved the inclement weather and have gone out fishing, will have seen the ever increasing numbers of cormorants plundering our venues. They are arriving in large numbers at CMR and Broad Oak in particular, but are also at Ackers and Taylors. The club is doing what it can to lessen the impact of this 'Black Death' on the fish stocks. You may have seen the 'Man in a boat' at Broad Oak, and one of our bailiffs regularly visits venues in the morning and uses fire crackers to scare them off. We are also dealing with the paperwork for our riparian owners to get  licences to shoot some of these birds.

The cormorants have become an increasing Nationwide problem in our lakes and rivers, as regularly highlighted in the Angling press. As a protected species successful lawful solutions, to the problem, are very difficult to find. The Angling Trust have backed the 'Cormorant Watch' campaign, which aims to log sightings of these birds and gather evidence so something has to be done. All of our members are requested to access the Cormorant Watch website and record any sightings at any of our venues. If anyone takes photos of the sightings, then these can be sent as well. It doesn't matter if you record sightings at the same venues everyday for a month, it is important that those sightings are recorded. This is our only realistic way of nudging those in power to take action. The website can be accessed by clicking this link - Cormorant Watch.      

9/02/2018 - Rule reminder

Members are reminded that the following limits, for taking fish, apply at our venues. Members may only take 2 fish per day in total. This can be 2 fish from CMR or Broad Oak. Members may only take 1 fish per day from Ackers or Taylors. Members must not exceed 2 fish in a day even if they travel around more than one venue. Our Bailiffs will be checking!   

9/02/2018 - Dates for your Diary

The following events have been planned for the coming year. 

1. Competition 1      Sunday 6th May at Broad Oak

2. Taster Day          Sunday 10th June at Broad Oak

3. Competition 2     Sunday 2nd September at CMR

Details will be posted in due course.

22/01/2018 - Tackle for sale

Anyone interested in buying a fly fishing outfit, whether as a replacement or for a beginner, then this could be for you. The kit comprises 2 rods (1 x Orvis and 1 x Hardy), a number of reels and lines, a selection of flies and fly boxes, plus an assortment of accessories. Anyone who is interested please call Steve on 01179836270.

17/1/2018 - Taylors Lake Re-open

Taylors lake has now reopened. It has been stocked ready for members to visit. Some good news at last.     

17/01/2018 - Broad Oak Lake Access

Members accessing Broad Oak lake will find that there are two chains and padlocks on the main gate. Both combination locks have the same number. The riparian owner doesn't mind if the gate is left unchained whilst members are fishing, but he asks members to ensure that the gate is locked using both chains and padlocks when they leave. Please would members comply with the owner's request.

1/1/2018 - Membership

Those members who wish to pay their membership fee via the BACS system, the information you need is now on the membership page. Remember to let the Membership Secretary know if you have paid using this method.

Membership tabs will be sent out when received from the printers. Members can fish our venues using last year's tabs until further notice.

Members are advised that they may not get the same membership number as they did last year. The numbers are allocated as members join. You are advised to ensure that you carry your membership tab when ever you fish the club's venues. The bailiffs will not accept excuses.

2/1/2018 - Broad Oak Lake

There have been several incidents of people entering the area of Broad Oak lake. The locks and chains have been cut off several times. What the purpose of those responsible is remains unclear at present. Members may find access to the lake hindered for a while. The riparian owner will take various actions to prevent any damage or theft from the area. Further details will be posted when things are clearer.

2/1/2018 - Fly Tying sessions

Fly Tying sessions will recommence on Thursday 11th January 2018 at the Stanton Drew Village Hall. Sessions will start at 1930. Beginners are most welcome.

2/1/2018 - Veals offer for members

Veals Fishing Tackle have very kindly agreed to give KAA members a 10% discount off their purchases of items not already reduced. Members just need to show their membership tab. Veals have always supported KAA, and we thank them for this kind gesture.
2/1/2018Reporting Poaching Incidents to the Police
An updated Angling Trust guide for anglers reporting offences to the police, was issued at the end of April this year. It is important that we follow these guidelines to ensure that the incident is logged and action can be taken. It is in the interests of all members as poachers steal our fish. A copy of the AT guide can be viewed by clicking here or from the downloads page.
2/1/2018Barbless Hooks on KAA Venues
As we enter the New Year, it is an appropriate time to remind members, both old and new, that barbless hooks must be used on ALL of the club's trout fishing venues. For guidance on hook sizes to be used at Ackers and Taylor's Lake click here