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8/3/2018 - Catch and Release

As a club that allows catch and release on our waters, members are to ensure that the process is carried out with with maximum care to the welfare of the fish. There is a link to the 'Stillwater Trout Fisheries Association' guide to Catch and Release on the download page. Please read it and follow their guidelines. Our fish are a valuable asset and must be looked after.

7/3/2018 - Bank Clearing Session

A programme of bank clearing sessions has been arranged, around our venues, for this season. The sessions start at 0900 and finish around mid day. The club has a selection of tools for the purpose, but members should try and bring things like garden spades and forks or other tools they deem useful. Those members who attend these sessions carry out a vital service keeping on top of the problems we find at some of our venues. Please make the effort to attend if you can. There is a reduction in membership fees for regular attendees.

Date Venue Task
23/3/2018 Taylor's Lake Applying Siltex 
27/4/2018 Broad Oak Weed/Reedmace clearing
28/5/2018 Ackers Weed Clearing
29/6/2018 CMR General Maintenance
27/7/2018 Taylor's Lake Weed Clearing
31/8/2018 Broad Oak Weed Clearing
28/9/2018 Broad Oak/Taylor's lake Weed Clearing

 This list is a guide as to what we expect to do. It is subject to change depending on the urgency of any problems arising during the season. Any changes will be posted as soon as known.

9/02/2018 - Cormorants

Those of you who have braved the inclement weather and have gone out fishing, will have seen the ever increasing numbers of cormorants plundering our venues. They are arriving in large numbers at CMR and Broad Oak in particular, but are also at Ackers and Taylors. The club is doing what it can to lessen the impact of this 'Black Death' on the fish stocks. You may have seen the 'Man in a boat' at Broad Oak, and one of our bailiffs regularly visits venues in the morning and uses fire crackers to scare them off. We are also dealing with the paperwork for our riparian owners to get  licences to shoot some of these birds.

The cormorants have become an increasing Nationwide problem in our lakes and rivers, as regularly highlighted in the Angling press. As a protected species successful lawful solutions, to the problem, are very difficult to find. The Angling Trust have backed the 'Cormorant Watch' campaign, which aims to log sightings of these birds and gather evidence so something has to be done. All of our members are requested to access the Cormorant Watch website and record any sightings at any of our venues. If anyone takes photos of the sightings, then these can be sent as well. It doesn't matter if you record sightings at the same venues everyday for a month, it is important that those sightings are recorded. This is our only realistic way of nudging those in power to take action. The website can be accessed by clicking this link - Cormorant Watch.      

9/02/2018 - Rule reminder

Members are reminded that the following limits, for taking fish, apply at our venues. Members may only take 2 fish per day in total. This can be 2 fish from CMR or Broad Oak. Members may only take 1 fish per day from Ackers or Taylors. Members must not exceed 2 fish in a day even if they travel around more than one venue. Our Bailiffs will be checking!   

9/02/2018 - Dates for your Diary

The following events have been planned for the coming year. 

1. Competition 1      Sunday 6th May at Broad Oak

2. Taster Day          Sunday 10th June at Broad Oak

3. Competition 2     Sunday 2nd September at CMR

Details will be posted in due course.

22/01/2018 - Tackle for sale

Anyone interested in buying a fly fishing outfit, whether as a replacement or for a beginner, then this could be for you. The kit comprises 2 rods (1 x Orvis and 1 x Hardy), a number of reels and lines, a selection of flies and fly boxes, plus an assortment of accessories. Anyone who is interested please call Steve on 01179836270.

17/1/2018 - Taylors Lake Re-open

Taylors lake has now reopened. It has been stocked ready for members to visit. Some good news at last.     

17/01/2018 - Broad Oak Lake Access

Members accessing Broad Oak lake will find that there are two chains and padlocks on the main gate. Both combination locks have the same number. The riparian owner doesn't mind if the gate is left unchained whilst members are fishing, but he asks members to ensure that the gate is locked using both chains and padlocks when they leave. Please would members comply with the owner's request.

1/1/2018 - Membership

Those members who wish to pay their membership fee via the BACS system, the information you need is now on the membership page. Remember to let the Membership Secretary know if you have paid using this method.

Membership tabs will be sent out when received from the printers. Members can fish our venues using last year's tabs until further notice.

Members are advised that they may not get the same membership number as they did last year. The numbers are allocated as members join. You are advised to ensure that you carry your membership tab when ever you fish the club's venues. The bailiffs will not accept excuses.

2/1/2018 - Broad Oak Lake

There have been several incidents of people entering the area of Broad Oak lake. The locks and chains have been cut off several times. What the purpose of those responsible is remains unclear at present. Members may find access to the lake hindered for a while. The riparian owner will take various actions to prevent any damage or theft from the area. Further details will be posted when things are clearer.

2/1/2018 - Fly Tying sessions

Fly Tying sessions will recommence on Thursday 11th January 2018 at the Stanton Drew Village Hall. Sessions will start at 1930. Beginners are most welcome.

2/1/2018 - Veals offer for members

Veals Fishing Tackle have very kindly agreed to give KAA members a 10% discount off their purchases of items not already reduced. Members just need to show their membership tab. Veals have always supported KAA, and we thank them for this kind gesture.
2/1/2018Reporting Poaching Incidents to the Police
An updated Angling Trust guide for anglers reporting offences to the police, was issued at the end of April this year. It is important that we follow these guidelines to ensure that the incident is logged and action can be taken. It is in the interests of all members as poachers steal our fish. A copy of the AT guide can be viewed by clicking here or from the downloads page.
2/1/2018Barbless Hooks on KAA Venues
As we enter the New Year, it is an appropriate time to remind members, both old and new, that barbless hooks must be used on ALL of the club's trout fishing venues. For guidance on hook sizes to be used at Ackers and Taylor's Lake click here